March 2008
Paul Rand for AIGA
Rand the Elder
I got a "donation" call a few months ago to draw the likeness of Paul Rand for a book the AIGA was producing. A high honor. Sure. Why not I thought. Its free. I can do what I want. But as we got into it it became clear I was hired as a set of wrists, and nothing else. Here is the quientessential Wikiphoto of Rand in his later years used in the Apple "Think Different" campaign.
Rand the youngers
No, said the art director. I want him young. Just his face. In white line on a black background. And he sent these photo references for me to ponder. THe upper left photo is a dead ringer for Derek Jeter. The other are forgettable.
first sketch
I should have killed the job there, but I thought, perhaps if I can show him how the pose is just as important as the likeness there may be a way to salvage this strange new relationship. I quickly traced the image with my Clintiq screen and started messing around with things...
Rand finish
After a 10 or so versions with wrinkles and glasses and this and that I decided to go sans loopy hair. In case it didn't work I added a quote mostly because I'm lazy. I do love the quote though. For me it means "You can't force creativity." THe posters are being printed for and I may get em up on illogator soon too... but don't hold your breath Zimm (I'm lazy).
Most people remember Rand as a stone-cold carmudgeon, but I think you'll find warmth in this blanket he designed... that recently sold for $500 on Ebay.
and a detail...
sign off
and thats it. A killer blanket from the master. I told the AD this linear style of mine wasn’t an easy way of drawing likenesses.. so no surprise it was killed. as Rand used to say (paraphrasing) “Pro bono? Sure. I’ll let you have it for free as long as you use as I suggest. If you decide not to use it the fee is then $10,000. If you change the design (using the work in a manner unbecoming) the fee is then $15,000.” something to think about the next time you spend your day doodling on bono... antecdote courtesy another legend, Jerry Kuyper
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