Brazil's 2014 logotastrophy (revised)
I'm going to Brazil with my neighbor Marco in 2014. Until today, I was looking forward to it. Welcome to my logo nightmare.
There are so many things wrong with this logo, but I will agree that its premise, or idea, was OK. Let me take a few minutes to tell you whats wrong with this mark and what I would do to quickly amend it.
forgive me. i had to. it took me all but 2.5 hours to tweak this into the quarterfinals. granted thats extra time. go ahead and red card me.
i love the world cup. its no surprise that the most successful Cup to date (that is the one that sold the most tickets) was hosted by the United States, which, hands down breeds the best logo designers in the world.
this is a late entry from Erik T. Pretty damn ballsy. I smell a T Shirt! Well done Erik, as always

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