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Heres a bit on the Steve Heller/ Tom Vasquez collab for Bronx River. 
Last week on Brand New David E remarked: "The “our process” icon progression just reeks of BS to me. Did they *really* go though that whole process of creating and refining the icon? My guess is that their first sketches were much closer to the final design, and that this was done afterwards in order to make it look to the client like a lot of thought went into it."
A guy named Wolfgang also complained that no "competitor audit" was completed.
Funny, but it got me thinking. Maybe They're right. Maybe I really am a complete moron. Anyway, let me try to set David and a few other conspiracy theorists straight.
this is a little animation that never made it into the pilot video for desigNYC. Thanks to Flaherty for putting it together for us. It gives you an idea of the back and forth Tom and I spent coming up with we thought was a consolidated, minimized fish/ leaf form.
tom and I did these over burgers. we were on the same page from start to finish (literally). no one edited. not even heller. we just went at it and tried to enjoy the creative process (problem solving).
the process spanned 6 months and saw many trips to NYC for meet and greets, river tours, presentations and re-presentations. Heller actually made to our opening, which was nice of him. Unfortunately, no members of the alliance (they have 9) were in attendance. 
The client(s) decided not to use the work this year. Kinda hard to stomach, but fine. Sometimes when you free work you have to imagine that the work is actually for you. Yes, you. In slower times creating ideas for things keeps you sane.
part of my process included silkscreening each of the 3 final versions of the marks onto various things. Bags. Posters. Pieces of wood. I did this entirely for my own satisfaction. Gratuitous? Maybe. Logic: if it ain't any good don't do it. But you still have to please the client, or in our case, 9 clients (an alliance of clients)
part of our task included 10 calendar icons for BxRA. I thought, hey, why not use the icons in a more useful form: signage. I ended up going farther and farther down the "blue sky" hole, redesigning everything remotely aligned with the NYC parks and recreation department, including a strategy for the main logo. Maybe someday I'll represent it to someone at NYC parks. If it finds a use, you can say you saw it here first. If not, I hope I've impressed David E. with my extensive BS. Sad but true: currently in my BxRA folder lie close to 200 files.
and to think, it all started (and ended, unkowingly) with a little "competitor audit".
ps- Freelix is dead. Long live Feelix.

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