Tuscan School
This is some work I'm donating to the Tuscan PTA. It's been an ongoing itch I've been scratching (and rescratching) for 6 years. Here goes. First, let's take a look at the current logo; The Paw T.
In my new version, we see a tiger with a hidden (OK, it's obvious) letterform
The design is based on the history of the building- which, architecturally, is fantastic. It's an old building. Too hot in winter months most of the time, but it's a great school. The PTA, teachers and principals do a wonderful job and it's been an honor to have my kids attend Tuscan. So here, we're going to celebrate history and teach the love of letterforms to those who pass through it's doors. These Scotch Roman letters are unique to Tuscan. There is a face similar to this (Fritz Quadrata) but there is no "font" or "face" like Tuscan's. So I've retraced it best I can to preserve the heritage. This was not easy btw!
Some of the other type designs you'll be seeing are likewise "Hand drawn" to convey the warmth and integrity of the school.
Before we go all the way to teh final designs I'd like to ask whoever lost their Penguin at drop off, we still have him!
After posting this my message box was innundated with junior high kids messaging telling me they were raping your penguin and doing nasty things. It's not true! We have penguin. He misses you whoever you are.
OK, let's move on. Here is the jist of what I'm going after:: Harry Potter prep school meets Highlights puzzle meets tattoo parlor. We're just trying to sell a few things for the PTA here folks. It's not rocket science.
an old look at the house I used as reference to draw the building. I got every window pane!
note: this is the old "sad face" School typography. I've redrawn it as per above.
Some bumper magnet designs
trying a few things with how the type wraps. Both words are equal numbers- a designers dream
Marco likes this one. I'm trusting Marco (aside from his purple cords, he has taste)
Here is the current ID, which in no way feels like the T paw design used on other materials. How does that Tiger float like that? Is he the Vegas Tiger that bite Siegfried? Thats magic right there.
I'm showing some aggredious pics from my art crew class a few years ago, and few Claire took from the Fair last weekend (I face painted, then face planted after three hours!)
Will's got skills.
our art crew mark
we had some fun didnt we?
silkscreening lessons
an old idea (bad!)
still bad
message to Mr Dean (art), Makasakit and Lamkin; for the past 5 years I've taught a storybook class in each of the kids classes. It's late in the year but can we keep that going? I'd love to come in again. Thx. This is photo from Sinclair's kindergarten 2010. I still have that Chelsea jersey. 
Thanks Roberta! It's nice to be appreciated
Leave your thoughts, good or bad in the comments area. Happy to make tweaks if the make sense
Mugging Starbucks
When you're in line at Starbucks you may've noticed a few things to purchase. Implulse purchases. One of the curious items you find are mugs. I've become familiar with these mugs (Jody buys them up wherever we go) but they're not cheap. 
This is the line they use, or used. As you can see there is an "old world" vibe with the arcane Roman typograhy and rustic touch. One part French Country, the rest I don't know- the aesthetic doesn't land anywhere specific. 
Here is a closer inspection of Ohio
from the flagship store. Look how many there are! I would guess, from a production standpoint, you're minimum 2C with a 3rd cup interior coating.
Here are their latest mug designs. your thoughts?
Before you answer that take a look at what came shortly after Starbucks released the newer, more colorful campaign. This is Dunkin.
Here is the full line of Dunkin mugs. 
They don't stray too far from the DD brand color palette. One might say they did a slightly better job than Starbucks. Still, the hand of the illustrator isn't present in any of the designs. Not to say "anyone could've done it" but these follow a broad spectre that doesnt make me feel like I'm getting something special.
Here is a quick render of what St Louis might look like. Over the years I've drawn at least 20 cities. These tweaked comps arose from a campaign I did for Ford in 2004 with JWT/ AD: Matt Dimmer. Around that time I scribed a "Dunkin' what if" similar to this. 8 months later Dunkin cam out with "America runs on Dunkin'" The agency, HillHolliday, was a client and never made mention of any "borrowing" but my eyebrows rose a little when I saw it. That little running character? I'm not gonna post the date stamped images but it's close. If I get time I'll dig em up and post em here.
In interim, what are your thoughts on these mugs? The production is lower cost but the aesthetic- though not fully resolved- is a bit more specific. I'd probably hand draw the images using my new Kuretake brush.
The idea here is that, aside from the collection aspect, is that you can line up the mugs and link, or string them together on a shelf in the order that you collected them.
close up
Logos 1990-2015
Heres a peek at some of the marks I've designed over the last 24 years. There are one or two that Erik T Johnson or T Fuchs drew. I'll have to scrub those out so they don't ask for any royalties:)
Urgh. What a long strange trip eh? Would you believe it if I told you 85% of these were free, fake, killed or pillaged? Anyhoo shoot me your thoughts. One day I'll make it big and you can shoot me too. -F Sock
various marks from 1990-2014.
various marks from 1990-2014.
various marks from 1990-2014.
I nonetheless reccomended one- and only one- designer who I believed would do an excellent job - Felix Sockwell"
— Steven Heller
I've got Heller on the hook to write my forward. How do I do it? If you've something to add on the back flap pls make sure its selatious and provacative. Don't make me reach into the grab bag of World Cup logo comments!
mind body green
Came across one of those logos you can't stand to look... primarily because it wasn't illustrated professionaly. I don't know if mines too much better but it was one of those things I had to do. Thoughts? Seems like a good company from what I can tell
drawn in 2.3 hours using scrap from Sony and New York Times Science section icons
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