Look! I'm on TV, Mom!
Gotta call from CBS THe Early Show last week as ankle-deep important news spread that "Octomom" was trademarking her new name (and fame) in pursuit of a reality show and or baby clothes product line.
Naturally, I imagined all the fun that went into creating those adorable Wal Mart Shoppers.
The joy of life. 8 Times. And in an hour and half no less (the producer called at 5 and needed it inked ASAP for the next morning, dinner was at 6:30, no way I'm late for that) Wife taped it to DVR and I watched it the next the next afternoon... lo an behold it never ran. No needle to cry, Mom— CBS agreed to pay the kill fee.
Earning Miles Davis
head, miles
 This is miles, to me.
or this
I guess one could argue for this
 or this
 or this, one of his more memorable poses
 this is also an incredibly raw shot
 as is this
 so began the task of drawing a Miles Davis (w/ Charlie Parker) mural for a building in Harlem. The mural is go inside the Putnam building around 125th sometime soon (hopefully I'll be paid then, the bill is 6 months late!). Anyhoo, this process (finding likenesses) is a bit mundane, but lets go thru it, K?
 here are the secondary thoughts. The art director, Molly Wilkie at And Partners, NY was pretty cool and we got along fine (can't say so much for their accts payable dept)
more sketches
 the project, initially a mural, became more, involving type and charlie parker and a skyscrape and hell, i threw in a logotype for free. things were going well (no complaints from anyone) so for something like a mural for Miles Davis I wasn't going to complain. It's a fucking Miles Davis mural! 
 a close up... linked...
 panning out... it was to work something like this along a wall inside the building, on brochures, web, etc, etc
 this was a bit of an accident. I kinda like the way the colors do a Jim Flora thang. Or not.
the end
 this image, the best of the bunch i think, was left on the cutting room floor. 
I really enjoy listening to jazz as i work. there is no beginning or end. its a groove. you get in and get lost- not a bad way to live.
i was never much of a jazz fan until burton morris at blue note sent me some
art blakey and the jazz messenger CDs. Weird how things transpire. I'm about
to start on another jazz piece for a new client... no complaints...
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