Today's Op Ed Letters
Torture Nottrue, approved
Here are some recent word play sketches for the Times and and update on Green Party mayoral candidate Billy Talen.
eye chart esque
 I went through a barrage of type treaties that just weren't making the cut... 
traitor too
here was one similar to the chosen idea, but "traitor" seemed disparate in context
 this is the one leanne shapton (the op ed AD) really liked. i sent it to my word play friend (and master) erik johnson (he coined "Feluxe" btw) who also thought this one was the winner. For a minute there I was feeling like a douchebag for telling Leanne she couldn't use the art. I guess I just thought "rewrote" was restatement, and it didn't work visually.
 so i tried it a different way... and blurred it a bit
 i also had the notion of using guantanamo as inspriation. but "death" loomed a bit too large here.
usa/ death
as a visual this is pretty good, but it makes no sense with "torture". I must've been on crack myself for trying to sell it.
this was an idea for wednesday's page. It was to run at this size on the  web site and in b/w small under letters section. Unfortunately I was taking a disco nap when Leanne called and she ended up using something else. But this was a pretty good 5-minute solution. Works big. Reads small. Says it all, and fast.
and for Leo, here are a few updates on where I netted out on last weeks green party mayoral candidate, Billy Talen.
for no pay
 and finally... Zero Pay (what everyone makes around here).
I really love word solution-strations. Its a great way to subvert messages and get a quick laugh. Funny enough, one of the people involved in the campaign quit because he/she thought "OYVEY" was anti-semitic. Oy.

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