Logos 1990-2015
Heres a peek at some of the marks I've designed over the last 24 years. There are one or two that Erik T Johnson or T Fuchs drew. I'll have to scrub those out so they don't ask for any royalties:)
Urgh. What a long strange trip eh? Would you believe it if I told you 85% of these were free, fake, killed or pillaged? Anyhoo shoot me your thoughts. One day I'll make it big and you can shoot me too. -F Sock
various marks from 1990-2014.
various marks from 1990-2014.
various marks from 1990-2014.
I nonetheless reccomended one- and only one- designer who I believed would do an excellent job - Felix Sockwell"
— Steven Heller
I've got Heller on the hook to write my forward. How do I do it? If you've something to add on the back flap pls make sure its selatious and provacative. Don't make me reach into the grab bag of World Cup logo comments!

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