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Summer is the time of year when nature seems to take over. Take over our parks, our lawns, our minds. It has been a verdant season this year and that has been a recurring theme in my work lately. A few recent images where nature wins, thanks to the great art directors who let ideas grow.

My contribution to the VendSendMend Benefit organized by a former MICA student of mine. Harry Campbell and Scott Bakal participated as well. This piece sold, but there is other great work available to benefit Doctors Without Borders.

The Landscape of Slavery for Radcliffe Magazine. Ronn Campisi AD.

Portrait of John Locke, philosopher who wrote about the separation of church and state. I have done portraits similar to this for personal work and shows and I really enjoy doing them. Liberty Magazine, Bryan Gray AD.

One of a series of illustrations "Degrees of Debt" for Utne Reader. Stephanie Glaros, AD. 
"There is no better designer than nature."- Alexander McQueen.

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