Edel Rodriguez
January 2009
Bartalos in Antarctica
Fellow illustrator Mike Bartalos is working on a project in Antarctica this month.   Here's a blog hosted by the California Academy of Sciences that he's been updating regularly with his adventures.   It's been fun to keep up with what he's been up to down there.
"Bartalos’s current project, The Art of Recycling in Antarctica : The Long View, is facilitated by an Antarctic Artist’s and Writer’s Program grant from the National Science Foundation allowing him to create a sequential sculptural work utilizing recyclables specific to polar research. The project intends to raise international awareness of resource conservation and eco-preservation practices in Antarctica, and by extension, promote and inspire sustainability worldwide. 100 sculptural vignettes will form a continuous, free-standing structure which represents the U.S. Antarctic Program’s near-100% recycling protocol as well as the centenary of an early instance of polar recycling in which Ernest Shackleton fashioned wooden covers from provision crates to bind Aurora Australis, the first book ever published in Antarctica."


Good luck, Mr. President!

James Jean show at Jonathan Levine gallery
Here are some pictures from James' show last night at Jonathan Levine gallery.  It opens to the public tonight. January 10,  6-9pm.  The show runs until February 7th. This show is definitely worth coming into NYC for, so try to make it if you can.   I was in L.A. over the Summer and got to see a lot of these paintings in progress at James' studio.  It was great to see how the paintings had evolved from the time I saw them.
KINDLING, Jonathan Levine Gallery, 529 West 20th Street, 9E, New York, NY.   Open Tuesday through Saturday, 11am to 6pm.  Jan. 10th - Feb. 7th.
The Middle East
This is a NY Times Op-Ed illustration from last week.  The article is titled "Why Israel Feels Threatened" and can be read here.  I tried to work with this opener line:
"MANY Israelis feel that the walls — and history — are closing in on their 60-year-old state, much as they felt in early June 1967, just before Israel launched the Six-Day War and destroyed the Egyptian, Jordanian and Syrian armies in Sinai, the West Bank and the Golan Heights....."
With all the news coming out of Gaza, I thought I'd post some past images I've done relative to the Middle East situation which show a variety of approaches:
Yasser Arafat, TIME Magazine
A Nuclear Israel, The Washington Post
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, TIME (unpublished)
Gaza, TIME Magazine
Equality for Palestinians living in Israel, NY Times Op-Ed
Sand portrait of Jordanian Abu Mousab al-Zarqawi, TIME (unpublished)
2008 Notable Op-Ed Art
This Op-Ed piece I did on Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe was selected for The New York Times "Notable Opinion Art of 2008".  The online show can be viewed here.

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