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Controlled Chaos...

SEPTEMBER 15, 2009
It's never been this bad...While I work on projects, things get crazy in my studio.  When things wind down, I clean up, and the process repeats itself over and over.  This summer was very busy with a number of big projects and there was no time to organize.  A couple of weeks ago I finally cleaned up all of this.  I didn't want everyone to think that Gina and Matt's or Adam's orgazined studios are the norm :),  so here you go...
(I cleaned up thoroughly once for Linzie's onmydesk blog, you can go there if you want to compare and contrast)

Working on some paintings, shows in L.A. and Dallas in the Spring
you know, that stuff old people used to make pictures with...paint.
Line drawings for some posters
Framed art from past shows in a corner
a painting and some drawings.
Always important to stay hydrated.
The balcony where I work sometimes...when it's not raining.
Gotta prioritize.
Some works on paper.
Other drawings
Digital controlled chaos, I know where everything is.
The view from the studio. Organized, clean and clear. I try to work out there as much as possible in the Summer.
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