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I did this illustration for the NY Times Op-Ed page, it was published yesterday.  The story talks about how maybe toppling Saddam wasn't such a great idea.  It mentioned many ways that the U.S. government has supported bad regimes in the past and got into a discussion of the differences between authoritarian regimes and totalitarian ones.  Basically, authoritarians good, totalitarians bad.  Mostly because totalitarians deal in ideology where authoritarians are more self obsessed maniacs.  Saddam would fall into the authoritarian mold.  And, the U.S. has dealt with those in the past.  These are not my opinions, just the text that I was given to illustrate.

The art director of the Op Ed page is Brian Rea.  He's a wonderful Illustrator and designer, I like to give him a lof of ideas, some that involve typographic solutions.  Some of those sketches and ideas are below.
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