Edel Rodriguez
New Times cover
I got this cover assignment from Pam Shavalier at the Miami New times.   The story revolves around a local waiter that goes from restaurant to restaurant, finding ways to file lawsuits against the owners and moving on to the next job.   Pam asked me to draw him as a rat.  I drew a nice rat, then Pam asked for a nastier rat.  I like how alternative weeklies encourage drawings of nasty rats, so I did my best.   I'm from Miami, so this was fun to do.  The Miami New Times is the first paper I went to with my work down there.   Brian Stauffer was the art director then, back in 1993 I think, and I started doing some illustrations for him.  That's how we met, it's all been downhill from there.

I got a request to show my first sketch so here it is above, a more refined rat.  The AD wanted something more filthy, showing the tail and so on, so I revised it.
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