Edel Rodriguez
Identity design and website launch for 'Celia the Queen' film
This is the finished art for the Celia Cruz film I've been working on.  The official website just launched, the art is used as a fun intro on the website.  Check out to see it in use.

The film's trailer on the site is very moving.  One of my favorite parts of the site is the "faces and places" section, where they feature people in the film.  My dad is right at the top, standing next to his truck.  Followed by David Byrne and Wyclef Jean.  That's so much fun to see!  I suggested my father as a good subject because he's always been a big fan of Celia's music.  The producers hung out with him for a day and interviewed him on the truck and so on.

The art will be used as posters for the film, on t-shirts, letterhead, collateral, etc.  It had to work as a very large image as well as a very small logo.

The film will come out in the middle of the year.  I heard something about film festivals.  Maybe Cannes.  If this poster gets me a ticket to Cannes, then I'll be a happy kid.  Did you hear that Mario? (the film's director).  A previous post with some of the sketches and process can be found here.  Some screen grabs from the site are below:
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