Edel Rodriguez
An Ad for MTV
Clockwise from right: Jennifer Lopez, Juanes, Ricky Martin, Paulina Rubio, Alejandro Fernandez, Daddy Yankee, Enrique Iglesias. Final art is pastel, oil based ink, and acrylic on paper.
This is an assignment I finished recently for MTV.  It's an advertisement for MTV Tr3s, their music channel aimed at the Hispanic market in the U.S. and Latin America.  The full page ad will go in music magazines with some text and their logo at the bottom.
The whole process went very smoothly.  I received a list of the singers they wanted in the ad and was free to compose the image however I chose.  I sent in a sketch, it was approved, and I did the final.  I sent it in, and that was it.  It's rare for things to go so smoothly on advertising assignments.
I like the variety of assignments I get to work on.  One day I'm dealing serious editorial issues, and the next it's sexy Latin singers.  It keeps the work interesting. 
These videos usually involve a lot of cleavage, exposed tummies, hip shaking and the like.  After the fact, I noticed that Shakira, from Colombia, wasn't in the group of faces I illustrated.  If you want to get a feel of the music, you can check out one of her videos, some of the best Latin hip shaking in the music business. I have no idea how she does some of this:
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