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The Marriage of Figaro

JUNE 8, 2009
This poster for 'The Marriage of Figaro' by Mozart is part of the series of posters I've been working on for The Vancouver Opera's 50th Anniversary Season.  Below are some sketches, reference and videos from some past performances that I studied for reference.  I thought I'd do something cheeky for such a well known work and the folks at the opera liked the idea.

The Marriage of Figaro:  "Figaro and Susanna are to be married. But their master, the Count, is enamoured of the bride and Figaro is being eyed by a much older woman. Also a reckless young man is in love with the Countess, who longs for her husband’s embrace. And that’s not the half of it.  Figaro is an unmatchable opera that combines comedy, social commentary and heart-breaking tenderness. The plot is deliriously twisty and the characters are deeply sympathetic. Mozart’s genius work connects to our lives with humanity and compassion."

This is some of the photo reference I found while researching past performances.  I find it's important to look through as much reference as possible to get a rough idea of the costumes, hairstyles, scenery, etc.

These are the sketches I sent over.  We went with the first sketch and at some point decided to change the female's expression (full face and singing).

I also watch the performances and listen to the music when trying to come up with ideas.  Here are a couple of videos.

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