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Series for Runner's World Magazine

FEBRUARY 13, 2009
Full page opener on the general theme of pain taking the runner by surprise
This is a series of images I worked on for Kory Kennedy over at Runner's World.  The story is about the pain that the writer experiences when running, and the various things he does to cope with that pain.  The writer is kind of addicted to the thrill of running but the occasional mysterious pain always seems to get in the way of his love for the sport.
Opener detail
He trains on the machines to sooth the pain.
He tries special shoes with large soles designed to alleviate the feet of pregnant women. But he feels like a clown.
Illustrating the theory that pain is caused when the brain cuts off oxygen to certain parts of the body.
Coping with the pain and healing.
Layout by Kory Kennedy at Runner's World
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