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"The Way of the World", poster for Soulpepper Theatre

JULY 20, 2008
Acrylic and oil based ink on bark paper, 15" x 15"
This is the art for a play titled "The Way of the World" by William Congreve.  The show opened at Soulpepper Theatre in Toronto on July 2 and runs through August 2.  Here is a description from the theatre's catalogue:

"William Congreve's Restoration masterpiece is one of the wittiest, sauciest, and most loved of English language comedies.   Peopled with a wonderful variety of characters, the play is particularly distinguished in its creation of the unforgettably assertive women.  A rare commodity: a very sexy, very smart and very funny play."
These are some of the sketches and notes drawn around the manuscript I was given. The image came to me fairly quickly as I read some of the text.
This painting was used as the cover for Soulpepper's 10th anniversary season catalogue.
Final poster, 18" x 24", offset litho.
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