Edel Rodriguez
February 2012
iPad cover

This is my first cover for an iPad magazine.  I got the call a couple of weeks ago from the art director at Engadget Distro, a technology news magazine available through the Apple iPad Newsstand.  The subject of the story is the influence of mobile technology on the Egyptian Revolution.  The issue includes many interviews with Egyptians which detail the various ways they used technology to get around the Mubarak dictatorship.
Rough Sketches

Final art

Art for CCA lecture
22" x 30", acrylic and coffee on paper

I've been invited to give a presentation about my work at CCA (California College of the Arts) in San Francisco.   They asked if I would be interested in putting together a poster to promote the event so I took the opportunity to create a new image, here's the process of how it came together.    Thanks to Robert Hunt and the CCA Illustration program for the invite.  I'll be heading out there at the beginning of April, really looking forward to seeing all of my friends in San Francisco.  The lecture will take place on April 12 at 7pm, Timken Lecture Hall, CCA SF Campus.

Above is some of the process, I started off without anything concrete in mind.  As I moved elements around my work table, this idea came together.  After finishing the main image, I did some hand lettering and combined it with set type to finish off the poster, as seen below:

Back to the Start

I saw this ad yesterday, thought I'd put it up here.   Rare to see hand painted models in advertising, nice mix of all the elements.   Also found the 'making of' video below.

Varoom! cover

I was asked by Varoom!, the illustration magazine based in England, to create a cover for their current issue.  The topic of the issue is all of the new illustration that is coming from various parts of the world.  The main idea that came to my mind was of a figure that embodied the various cultures covered in the issue (Chinese, Brazilian, Indian, Russian).   With that as a starting point, I got to work.

Lately, I've been trying some new ways of working, some of it including collage.  I've been painting random shapes, flower, animals, etc. on paper, cutting them out, and bringing them together into several collages.   I decided to start off like this.

Collaging and moving around all of the elements allows me to try different compositions, vary placement of items, find different meanings and so on.  Below is more of the process and various details.

The inside of the Varoom! issue also includes an interview and photo of my studio
Final artwork — acrylic, watercolor, and coffee on paper, 22" x 26"

Gold Medal from S.I.
for "21st Century Krampus", Last Gasp Publishing, Monte Beauchamp - art director
This Friday I'll be at the Society of Illustrators Book and Editorial show to receive a Gold Medal for this painting, "Krampus".   Looking forward to seeing Monte Beauchamp there, the art director for the Krampus project.  Thanks to Monte for asking me to contribute and to all the judges for selecting this work.  Below are several other illustrations that were selected for the exhibition.  The show and opening are open to the public, here is more information on the exhibit.
"In The Sea There Are Crocodiles", Random House/Doubleday Books. Emily Mahon - Art Director
"Gaddafi", Newsweek cover, Dirk Barnett - art director
"Doctors Without Borders", painting auctioned to benefit the Italian branch of this charity
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