Edel Rodriguez
Happy Holidays from Sergio, international superstar!
A lot has happened with Sergio since he popped on the scene back in May.  Sergio Makes a Splash! has been picked up by four international publishers.  The book will be published in Japanese, Korean, French, and Dutch and will be available in those countries in the Spring of 2009.  The English version is available here at Amazon.  I’m really looking forward to getting copies of the book in Japanese!
Sergio was selected for the Book of the Month Club and was a premiere selection of the Junior Library Guild.  He has also garnered some nice reviews from a number of places including The New York Times Book Review.  I got a kick out of seeing that one, first time my writing has been reviewed there.
There have been a lot of events and book signings since the book came out.  The staff at Little Brown has been wonderful, they have done a great job advertising the book, they did a number of Sergio animated gifs and placed them around the web (I’ve added some here).   They also sent me out to Los Angeles for the American Library Association conference to meet with librarians, attend the Caldecott awards, and meet with a large group of kids at a reading and writing Summer camp.  Some of those pictures are below, along with a scan of this article about Sergio and my time in Miami for The Miami Herald.  All the images from Sergio’s election stint for The Washington Post are also below, and can be seen on the web here.
Another neat thing I was able to do over the Summer was to put together a Sergio float with my daughter for the annual Children’s Day Parade.  She wanted to dress up like a fish in the water and we put Sergio at the top looking down at her.  We had a blast painting that little float, and she loved waving at the crowd as I pulled her along.   There were dozens of small floats in the parade.  Over the Summer I also finished writing and illustrating a second book, Sergio Saves the Game!, which will be published in the Spring of 2009.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday.  Thanks for the inspiration and laughs over the past year, it's been a fun one.

Sergio Saves the Game!, coming in May 2009

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