Edel Rodriguez
New Orleans
The Anniversary of Katrina came and went a couple of days ago.  A year ago poor people were still standing on a highway waiting for help from their country, a country that I thought knew better.  To my  disappointment it proved inept yet again.  I did this image back then for an editorial, I thought I'd post it here to commemorate the anniversary.

There's an election in two months.  I won't tell anybody how to vote or whatever.  To me, voting is a sacred personal decision, everybody has the right to make up their own minds. 

I will tell you that I will vote in a straight line all the way down.  It looks kind of neat to see a bunch of X's in a row.  That, and, oh, a few other issues. 

This is my first election related post.  I'll have many more in the next couple of months just to remind people of some things that, you know, just haven't gone "according to plan."
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