Edel Rodriguez
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Acrylic on Board, 20" x 24"
This is a painting I did for an ad campaign for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's 25th Anniversary concerts.  I worked with Jann Wenner, editor of Rolling Stone magazine and co-founder of the Hall of Fame, Rolling Stone art director Joe Hutchinson, and Joel Peresman, Hall of Fame CEO.  The image will be used as part of a large ad campaign which includes American Express magazine ads, Hall of Fame merchandise, posters, and banners at the concerts in Madison Square Garden.   The commemorative concersts will feature Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Wonder, Simon & Garfunkel, Crosby, Stills & Nash, U2, Aretha Franklin, Metallica, and Eric Clapton.  Tickets for the event are online here.

Jann Wenner, Rolling Stone editor and co-founder of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame at the official presentation of the artwork.
Ad in recent Rolling Stone magazine (Michael Jackson commemorative issue)
Spread ad in The New York Times
I also created this graphic image of the painting to be used at various sizes on letterhead, mailing envelopes, pins, t-shirts and other merchandise.

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