Edel Rodriguez
Iran Op-Ed and Persepolis
This is for today's New York Times Op-Ed page article about Iran.  Full article at the NY Times site here.  I got the call yesterday around 11am and the final needed to be done by 5pm.  I've been watching the story constantly but did more searches for video and photo reference.   I came across this video which puts a lot of clips together from the events of the past five days:

When I first got the assignment, the article wasn't written.   I sent over the first sketch at the top, but they had some issues showing a man on fire.  Hmmm...o.k., well, just a little flame!  Then I got the article and the story was more about how the religious dictatorship in Iran is being replaced by a military dictatorship.   I sent over four new sketches and got the final o.k. around 3pm.  The sketch was very quick and rough so I had to get to work.

On the subject of Iran, you should definitely check out the graphic novel and film Persepolis if you haven't done so already.

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