Edel Rodriguez
The Ark Project
11" x 11", Acrylic and ink on chipboard
I was invited by DGPH in Argentina to participate in The Ark Project.  The idea of the project is to create an illustrated animal bible, showing the different species around the globe through the eyes of artists from each corner of the planet. Each artist selected a creature to represent, an animal or species from their birth place.  I selected the "Tocororo", the National bird of Cuba. 
The book will be released in September 2009, published by IDN, 240 illustrated pages.  There will be a show in Argentina in September/October and the exhibit will move on to other countries. Sales of the work and prints will go towards aiding wildlife protection organizations.  There are over 200 artists participating from around the globe, some of the artists include Friends With You, Edwin Ushiro, Jeremyville, and Eduardo Sarmiento, also from Cuba.  The full list is here

The Cuban Trogon (Tocororo) is endemic to Cuba and is Cuba's national bird. It is found in forest especially near streams.  It is shiny dark green above with a violet crown and nape. Below it is white on the throat and chest but bright red on the belly and undertail coverts. The wings are marked with green, black and white, the bill is reddish with a darker upper mandible and the iris is red. The "flared" shape of the tail is unique amongst trogons.  It feeds by hovering on flowers, fruit and insects.
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