Edel Rodriguez
Drawing While Sleeping
Isn't this one just fine "As Is"?
After a weekend of hanging out late into the night with Joe Piscopo and writing pages of descriptions for my work that get edited down to three lines, I finally had to get to work last night.  The problem, sketches due this morning, and the Bustelo café I import from Miami wasn't doing it's thing.

The subject is a cover for a book review of a book called Forty Million Dollar Slaves, about rich athletes still feeling like slaves to the system, the man, etc.  The night started o.k., but by 2 a.m. the head started bobbing.  I would get a temporary jolt when the back of the brush went into my eyeball. 

I then just started making stabbing gestures at the paper, trying to paint a basketball player with a ball and chain.  The eyes continued rolling back and the head just went down.  I was awakened by the bitter taste of japanese sumi ink around 4:30 a.m., I somehow crawled to my scanner, put the art in the old computer, filled red, hit multiply, and sent it off.  My head nestled warmly on the keyboard.

I looked again this afternoon and don't mind the sleepy tired ink of the bottom player.  I hope the nice A.D. likes that one just as is, so I can just get some sleep tonight. I'll probably have to end up doing some sort of "finish" thing, I always have to do that.

Please share all tales of D.W.S (Drawing While Sleeping) and post up your work, especially in published form if it made it through.  Sometimes the results are better than when awake I think.   Maybe we should start a D.W.S. gallery.  I'm going for a nap now.
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