Edel Rodriguez
Big Pimpin'
Editor: "Hello, Edel, this is UCE mag, a culture and lifestyle guide, we love your work and would like to do a multi-page feature and interview you for our next issue"

Edel: "hmmm... What's UCE mag?"

Editor:  UCE mag is an innovative, avant-garde online lifestyle magazine dedicated to bringing a richer lifestyle experience to the world through Fashion, Design and Culture. 

Edel:  "hmmm.....Can I see it?"

Editor:  "It's not up online yet, this is for our first issue, we'll put a link in the article for people to get in touch about buying your work."

Edel:  Well, then, I'm your guy!   Send over the questions.

Two weeks later, the thing is up online.  I like the way you can flip through the pages, like a magazine.  And I'm surrounded by HOT women!  What else can a geeky illustrator ask for? 

One thing's for sure, if I knew I was going to be sharing the pages with these ladies, I would have talked more about my days rollin' with Jay-Z and a lot less about my spray booth.

It is a new magazine, so there are bugs, go check it out here:  

Or just look at some screen grabs below:

For those out of the loop, I don't condone the "pimpin'".  It is a metaphor that the kids use for "living large", and "spending g's".  "Cristal" is a very expensive bottle of French Champagne that rappers, such as Jay-Z (H.O.V.A., Jigga Man, or Iceberg Slim), became known for spritzing, especially at exotic dancers, because, really, who can finish off a whole bottle of champagne?
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