Edel Rodriguez
For the NY Times Book Review
Final art
Here are a couple of assignments that I've worked on recently for Nicholas Blechman at The NY Times Book Review.   The first is about a book that deals with Catholics returning to their faith.   I tried a few things with U-turn symbols, etc., but we ended up with the rosary image for the final image.  Nicholas kind of liked the sketch as it was, so I just tweaked it a little bit for the final.
Final art
This one was for a review of a complex book titled "Winnie and Wolf" by A.N. Wilson.  Some of the other sketches are below.  The review discussed a lot of the sexual details of the affair between Hitler (Wolf) and Winnie, so I did some sketches in that vain.   Here is some background info about the book from Publisher's Weekly: 
"Veteran British biographer and novelist Wilson's plodding latest concerns the private life of Adolf Hitler (Wolf) and his friendship and affair with Winnie, the daughter-in-law of Richard Wagner. The novel opens in 1925 and is composed by an unnamed secretary to Winnie's husband. Though weighted down by detailed discussions of philosophy and the opera that so inspired Hitler, the narrative at times hums with life. Wilson offers a new way of viewing the charismatic (though sweating and flatulent) leader, who appears to the Wagner family as the savior who will raise up a starving and humiliated interwar Germany and who made you feel that the struggle would not have been worth it unless it had gone too far."
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