Edel Rodriguez
Work selected for Communication Arts Illustration Annual
"Celia The Queen" film poster. Mario de Varona and Joe Cardona, directors. Lemon Yellow, design firm. KIE films, client.
I had good luck this year with CA and got a nice number of images in the annual.  I wanted to give thanks to the designers and A.D.'s I worked with for sending me these great projects.
The images selected were the series of Soulpepper theater posters (which also got into the upcoming CA design annual and received a Gold award from the 3x3 annual, Selected for Applied Arts Magazine, Coupe Magazine Awards, and Art Director's Club of Canada ) Anthony Swaneveld was the art director on those.  Also selected were the Iraq War series, a portrait of Ray Barretto for The New Yorker, and the Celia Cruz image. All the images are below.
Great that the Celia the Queen poster was selected because it's for an independent film company, I really got to know the guys making the film and we talked a lot back and forth about what they wanted to convey.  They were very happy it got into CA.  The film is being shown again this Friday, July 25, as part of the New York Latino film Festival, Director's Guild Theater, 110 West 57th Street.  Info on tickets here.
A lot of other Drawgers are in the CA annual as well—Taxali, O'Brien, Zina, Campbell, Stauffer, Hundley, Kunz, Buzelli, Burckhardt, Nabaum, Hendrix, Allen, Parada, Bakal, Rogers, Stephanos.  Check it out at the newsstand, looks good.
Portrait of Ray Barretto, The New Yorker Art Director: Max Bode
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