Edel Rodriguez
Jennifer Garner, woo-hoo!
File this one under "Perks of the Job", I guess.  I recently had the distinct pleasure of meeting Jennifer Garner backstage at the production of Cyrano de Bergerac, for which I did the poster
While I appreciate the nice words that come from my friends at Drawger, Jennifer's words just seem to have so much more weight! The words, "I loved your poster, it's beeeeaaaautiful!" are still ringing in my ears.   Yes, she probably has no training in the visual arts whatsoever, but for SOME reason, the words have stuck in my cranium.  Jennifer is extremely nice and friendly, and went outside and signed a lot of posters for fans that had waited out in the cold to meet her.  She played the role of Roxanne in the play and Kevin Kline was Cyrano.  A review of the play and some pictures can be seen here.
Just so this post is not all about celebrity worship, I've added some drawings I did at the play.  I drew them without seeing what I was doing, in the dark, so everything is a little more abstract than usual.  These are the kinds of notes I take when working on a theater assignment for The New Yorker.
The art was on posters, t-shirts, magnets, etc., all being sold in the lobby of the theater.
Some quick drawing in the dark, I had no idea what I was drawing. When drawing in the dark, don't use a fountain pen. I thought I had put down a lot of lines in some places, but the ink was not flowing out of the pen and I had no idea.
Alright, enough of the drawings, back to the pictures of Jennifer Garner signing my posters!!!
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