Edel Rodriguez
Red, Black, and White
The final published illustration
This is another image I did recently for the NY Times Book Review.  The review was of a novel titled "Christine Falls", about a beautiful, unidentified, female body that sits, unclaimed, at a coroner's office.  The book is about trying to find out who she is, her identity, etc.
I've worked with the colors red, black, and white for years, in gallery installations, books, and illustrations.   I just like the simplicity and graphic quality of that color combination.  Lately, I've been doing my sketches in color directly in Photoshop when I decide to go with a minimal palette.  I think the spot colors are part of the idea and help make the point far better than a line drawing.  In general, I don't send color sketches because I like to have the option to change my mind on colors when I go to final.  Clients get used to a certain color scheme if they see it in the sketch.
Below are many of the sketches for this assignment, sometimes I just move things around slightly on the sketches to show how small changes can say different things.   You can see some of that in these:
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