Edel Rodriguez
More Bunnies!
This is my latest illustration for the German Playboy series.  She works at a health food store, met the guy, they both went riding bicycles, and she stopped to pick walnuts.  The guy fell for her and can't stop thinking about her.

I submitted four sketches of the imaginary bicycle riding, walnut picking lady, and this is the one the editorial crew went ga-ga for.  Personally, I preferred sketch number one below.  I like long hair.  I e-mailed them to my friend Señor Espinosa and he liked lady number four below.  Would be interested to see which sketches other people like I guess.  Again, I like number one, nice lines and so on.

The tough part with this series for me is not going too far with the erotic stuff.  I want to keep it "clean".  I think this is as far as I've gone with it so far, bicycles and walnuts tend to do that.  The funny part is that my mom was visiting when I had to do the finish.  She wanted to see how I worked, so she sat next to me telling silly jokes the whole time.  My mom is pretty funny. 
Sketch #1
Sketch #2
Sketch #3
Sketch #4
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