Edel Rodriguez
I just wanted to let everyone know about, a pretty nice online art supply store.  You might already buy stuff from there, I've only done it recently, and it's gone very well.

I use certain specific materials at times.  Oil based woodblock ink, Mexican Bark Paper and some other supplies.  I've never wanted to buy any art supply online, I always went to the art store.  I just liked finding new things, touching the papers, and so forth.  Lately, places like Pearl and others have just become frustrating.  They don't carry a lot of specific items anymore and it can be tiresome to find the time to get to the store, get in line and so on.

After looking around endlessly for these things at some stores, I just went to this website, found what I needed and it was at my house in a week.  So, with a little planning, I think I'm getting my supplies from here from now on.  I ordered a convertible easel last year from them and it's been great.  Their service department is also nice and very helpful on the phone.  So, just wanted to pass it on if you're looking for an online art supply store.
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