Edel Rodriguez
Juvenile Detention Series
This is the large image. I wanted to show the idea of the cramped cells that the juveniles are kept in which were described in the story.
This is a series I illustrated for a University Law Journal.  The subject was how 'community lawyering' helps juveniles who are in danger of becoming lifetime offenders.  The law students from the school join with lawyers and judges from the community to help these juveniles get on the right path.  I'm showing the three finished illustrations and several of the sketches below.
This smaller illustration was meant to show the youth leaving detention after being helped and counseled by the law students.
This was another small illustration to show the concept of community lawyering. I liked the idea of a park in a briefcase, the possibility of air and freedom for someone who is in detention.
These are several of the sketches for the project.  I worked on getting the kid to look younger for the final art since my sketches made him appear to be an older man.  Sometimes, I throw some color in a couple of my rough sketches to try and visualize what the whole project might look like.   
The orange jumpsuit really stood out for me so I decided to do the finals as simply a two color job with sepia line.  It's a full color magazine, but I sometimes think less color works better on certain assignments.
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