Edel Rodriguez
It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it....
THE ASSIGNMENT: A few weeks ago German Playboy contacted me about doing a regular illustration for them, once a month for the next year.  The art would accompany an article about a woman the writer had only met once but made such an impression that he just can't stop thinking about her. 
Meet the first lady, the Taxi Driver.  The only direction I got, was that she drove a taxi, she was a black woman, and she was "hot". 
I did a lot of research, looking at pictures of "hot" black women, your Naomi Campbell's, your Beyonce's, on and on......and on.....
THE SKETCHES:  I did four different color sketches, different poses, different levels of voluptuousness.  For the ladies in the room - I did try the back (hair) view, but they didn't go for those.  I think they wanted full frontal "hotness"....
THE "RESEARCH":  Everytime I get a new job from ANY magazine, I immediately go out and purchase the most recent copy.  Be it 'AARP The Magazine', "Small Business Computing" Monthly, or "You Should Get This Watchamacalit" Quarterly, I ALWAYS head to the newsstand to "research" where my work will end up.  Nothing different here, Really.
How often can I tell my wife, "Sweetie, it's for work purposes only".  I hadn't looked at a Playboy magazine since I was 9 years old.  Yes, 9, don't ask.  Turns out, it's kinda sweet.  Articles by Arianna Huffington, Interview with Tenacious D.  Oh, and some Hawaiian Tropic girls.  But, really, just so well lit, all of it.  Oh, and some cartoons.  I might just get a subscription.....
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