Edel Rodriguez
The Border
This illustration was for an article about a Mexican immigrant's struggle for life while crossing the border. Every so often Latin American issues pop into American politics and disappear just as quickly. The border was a big issue earlier this year. So, what's going on there? Any solutions? Haven't heard a thing from anybody. I bring this up because I've just spent time writing letters (the old kind, on paper) to my family in Cuba. My mother is going down there on Saturday and my family loves to get letters from me. Something about them cheers them up. I've got more than 40 family members down there. I can't write to all of them. Hurts like hell. Just writing one letter is hard enough to get through. Every year politicians make it more difficult for my family to visit down there. Bush changed laws so we can only visit once every three years. He figured that would squeeze Castro, hasn't done a thing. The Dems use the situation for their advantage too. It's gone on forever. I'm tired of it. I'm tired of Castro, and Bush, and Democrats and all these jerks getting in the way of me getting on a plane and seeing my damn family. I've been accused of being maudlin about all this stuff before. Overly sentimental. Well, try writing to your buddies that you're doing just fine while they're struggling every day to make life for their child a happy one. Sorry, I'm just tired of politics, none of it ever gets anywhere. And, whether it's on the border or in the Caribbean, or Iraq, or wherever, real people are hurting like hell. This article doesn't go anywhere, I just had to vent.
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