Edel Rodriguez
Series for ESPN column

For several months, I've been contributing to a regular sports column written by Chris Jones on the back page of ESPN magazine.  The topics cover a variety of sports and deal with many of the issues of the day.   The format calls for a long horizontal which has allowed me to try some different compositional things from the usual vertical format.  Some of the images and details are below.   Thanks to design director John Korpics and designer Meaghan Fitzpatrick for the opportunity to work on these.
Louisiana politician taking on the New Orleans Saints regarding the bounty scandal

On baseball players having to believe they're the best in order to win

a fan reflects on Dave Wheldon's death after the Indy car crash in Las Vegas

Michael Jordan's sons, basketball players themselves, living in his father's shadow

The controversy about bringing down Joe Paterno's statue at Penn State after the child abuse scandal

Strength in facial hair, the new trend of top sports stars growing beards

Mike Miller of The Miami Heat, playing with severe pain throughout the NBA finals, for the ESPN body issue

Armando Galarraga, coming back into the major leagues after some difficult times

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