Edel Rodriguez
for The New York Observer

I've been working on some regular column illustrations for The New York Observer over the last year or so.  I've also done a couple of covers for them.  Thought I'd put them together into one post.  Above is an illustration for this week's article about twenty somethings in NYC being too busy and self obsessed.  They're too busy updating their social network feeds and working on their online persona to care about having casual sex in the real world, read the article here.
Remembering 9/11

"Land Grab", cover on a real estate company's takeover of business in NYC. AD - Ivy Simones

for an article on New York elitism

For an article about issues raised by the film "The Social Network"

Cover on financier Steve Rattner, AD - Nancy Butkus

for an article about dealing with serious issues with comedy

for an issue about secrets in the city

an essay about obsessing over birth and child rearing

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