Edel Rodriguez
Op-Ed on Arizona shootings
Op-Ed, "Sweet Home Arizona"

Like many of you I spent much of the weekend following the news regarding the shootings in Arizona.   Monday morning I got a call from the New York Times Op-Ed page.   Aviva Michaelov, the Op-Ed art director, wanted me to do an Op-Ed and an accompanying image for the letters section, both to be published in Tuesday's paper.  Because of the breaking news nature of the story, the articles were still to be written.  For the letters image, I started working on sketches about my reaction to the event, along with what we thought would be an Op-Ed on toxic speech.   By the end of the day the Op-Ed changed completely to a writer's impression of her hometown of Tucson, so I had to create new sketches and final turnaround in a couple of hours.   Here is the final art along with some of the process of working on it all.   Op Ed article is online here.   Letters article is online here.
Letters illustration

sheets of brainstorming
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