Edel Rodriguez
Another Lovely, Warm and Inviting Workspace!!!
A typical day at the Drafting Table. Drawings, reference material, maybe a bagel.....Woof!!!
Earlier today, the populace of Drawger, and the world, got a sneak peek at the stunningly appointed and well organized workplace of my dear friend Bob Staake.
I didn't want the many young visitors that visit this website to think that all illustrators have Eames chairs and fancy Ikea sofas laying about their workplace, so I thought I'd share some details of my wonderfully appointed studio. 
It's been featured in Metropolitan Disaster Magazine and God, What is That Place? Monthly.  Mr. Leo Espinosa, when you come visit me, don't bring your "nice pants"...
The ping pong table conveniently transforms into a "drop everything on it" table.  Tools, mail, you name it.  Very convenient.
Bob has lovely rugs on his floors.  I carpet mine in scraps of paper and paintboxes.  Just different design theories, that's all.
Aaahh... Bookshelves.  So much space for books!  And many, many other things.  On the bottom right you can see a couple of dozen boxes with art, photographs, and many other items which I've been "organizing" and "unpacking" since the last millenium.  Oh, and I prefer my cabinetry without drawers.  Just different design theory from Bob's that's all.
Yes, I have a CD rack too.  I prefer stacking them in tall piles though.  More, I don't know, sculptural.
This is my spray booth.  Built it all by myself, it has a mad scientist glove piercing through plexiglass.  The gasket thingy?  Some toilet flange from Home Depot.  It's awesome.  Remember, we Cubans are inventive!  There are many spray cans in there for some reason.  They are all empty and should be thrown out, but I think I have some attachment issues.
I "organize" my work by placing them in FedEx envelopes.  Very portable.  There's my WILCO envelope, and another for SEEDCO.  Either another rock band, or a seed conglomerate, I think the latter.  Oh, and does anybody need change, I've got some of that around too.
Probably the loveliest thing in my workplace is this wonderful note I received from friend and author Jhumpa Lahiri.  I gave her a drawing I did based on her book The Namesake.  She's so sweet, and did I mention beautiful!
And, to finish off the tour of my inviting and warm workplace, this is my desktop.  Some people like to place things in folders hidden away in dark back alleys of their Macs.   I much prefer this system, it's just, well, so much more visual.  Just a different theory, that's all. 

Everyone is welcomed, if you'd like a visit. Really, the dogs don't bite.  And, unlike Bob, I'll put somethin' nice on for ya.

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