Edel Rodriguez
Cover for The Village Voice

This is my cover for this week's Village Voice.  The story is about the brutal underground smugglers (coyotes) that bring illegals through the Mexican border and into houses of torture in Arizona.  There are many reports that the immigrants are kidnapped and put up for ransom by the smugglers once they're in America.  The full story is here.  Some of the sketches are below.  The Voice was the first place I worked for while I was still a student at Pratt in the early 90s, Florian Bachleda gave me a nice break back then.   After all these years, this is the first cover I've done for the Voice.  I worked with John Dixon on this one.

In the first set of sketches I worked with the theme of the coyote bringing people over the border, but showing the victims in such a way didn't seem like the right way to go.   So I did another set of sketches with a number of variations on the smuggler's bandana:

final art


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