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No Longer at Ease

DECEMBER 8, 2009
'No Longer at Ease' is a new book cover for the Chinua Achebe series I've been working on.  The story deals with the main character being trapped in a web of corruption upon returning to his African hometown after studies in England.  I also did the hand lettering on the book title, a series of other sketches below.

"The second book in Achebe's "African trilogy": A classic story of personal and moral struggle as well as turbulent social conflict.  When Obi Okonkwo—grandson of Okonkwo, the main character in Things Fall Apart—returns to Nigeria from England in the 1950s, his foreign education separates him from his African roots.  He's become a part of a ruling elite whose corruption he finds repugnant.  Forced to choose between traditional values and the demands of a changing world, he finds himself trapped between the expectations of his family, his village, and the larger society around him."

Final art

The first cover in the series, Things Fall Apart was selected by

AIGA as one of the top 50 covers of the year.

AIGA 50 Books/50 Covers

AIGA National Design Center

164 Fifth Avenue, NY, NY

Exhibit opens to the public this Thursday December 10

and runs through February 19, 2010, more info here

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