Edel Rodriguez
Newspaper Covers

Here's a selection of recent main and section covers for a number of newspapers.  First is this week's Village Voice cover on the controversy in the comics world surrounding the killing off of Spiderman.

Sketches for Voice cover, the end of Spider Man and his connection to Manhattan were both considered as directions in the sketch stage.

Every detail of the cover layout was thoroughly thought through so that the cover would look great in the Voice's red boxes around the city....

This is a cover for the NY Times Sunday Review from around the time of the election.  The topic was how the enthusiasm over Obama's election has silenced voices of protest in the African American community.  For many years, the movement for social change started in these communities but the hesitancy to criticize Obama has had an effect on policies.

Sketches for Sunday Review opener
Cover for The Washington Post Science section on women's health.

Cover for The Washington Post, special report on ways to manage the pending world food crisis.

Cover for Ideas section of The Boston Globe, on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
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