Edel Rodriguez
for Reader's Digest
I got an assignment from Reader's Digest to do a full page illustration for the print edition and a short animation for their iPad edition.   The story is titled "What I Learned from Losing It", written by an author who lost her life savings during the Bernie Madoff scandal, but found that she gained many things by going through the intense pain.  She is now trying to help victims overcome similar adversity.   I worked on a number of sketches, which I've included below.   I go into the thinking process as I would any other assignment, but the one thing I do end up thinking about when an image is to be animated is what kind of movement could happen.  This was a very short animation that appears when the reader selects the story.  I could envision some movement in the sketches below, such as trees or flowers growing, things breaking apart and coming together, etc.   Thanks to Marti Golon for the assignment and to Franzisca Barczyk for working on the animation for me.
at the newsstand with my tiny assistant

storyboard, animated image below

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