Donald Kilpatrick
October 2009
Good Wood Philly - Piggyback
As per Leo's request (thanks for the nudge!), and as a piggyback to Leo's post, here is my skate deck for the Good Wood Philly show. I normally try to not repeat myself with images, but i wanted to try my hand at painting the image that i have just pressed a couple of days ago. Like always, i am honored to be included in these shows, and a big thank you is in store for Andrew Davis. That guy is one of my favorite people to collaborate with. I hope you stop by to bid on the decks from this show, a portion of the proceeds is going to a good cause. My apologies for the poor photo.

acrylic on wood.
Further explorations...
the song. lettterpressed linocut.
smoke screeen. letterpressed linocut.
I have been enjoying myself with this new medium that I am currently exploring, and I am discovering how versatile printmaking can really be. Don’t get me wrong, painting is still my first love, but I really enjoy the detour I have taken these past few months. I feel like I am striking a good balance between everything in my life right now, and I have taken time to really enjoy myself.

This is a continuation of a series I began this summer, and I have a couple more images to round it out….

I am in the middle of taping some demos on letterpress printing for a new course that I will be teaching soon, and by deconstructing what I do for the camera, I have learned a lot more about my process. I hope to post something on this in the next couple of months. I feel it will better explain how I go about this process.

I also hope to post soon an image (linocut) that I am working on that measures 24” wide by 26” long. It is taking a while to plan out and carve (even in linoleum…), but it will be worth the time because with this piece I will be testing a large Vandercook press’s limits. This is the same Vandercook that I repaired over the summer, and will be factoring into my upcoming course.

Something random- I read of this great bicycle maker in Portland, and here is a link to view some amazing rides.  

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