Donald Kilpatrick
November 2008
My piece for the Know Show.
"An unannounced encounter whilst hunting." Acrylic on panel.
I saw Chris's post, and not to piggyback, but oh well, here is my piece for Mark Murphy's Know Show at Art Basel-Miami.
I feel honored to be part of this great show, and i am humbled to be in the company of such great work.
For me this was a great experience to work on something that wasn't intended for print. I feel more exposed doing work for this kind of setting, but it was a positive experience nonetheless.
Check out more info about the show here: Mark Murphy is having a preview of all the work for first come acquisitions on November 24th. You can email him directly for a preview list.
Recollect the Dead.
The painting that accompanied the Vans shoes.
On Halloween I had the chance to take part in the “Recollect the Dead” show at the Cave gallery in Detroit. If not mistaken, Leo has already posted his beautiful contribution to this show a few days back.

This was yet another amazing show put together by Andrew Davis, and I am glad to have been a part of it.

I covet Andrew’s gallery/studio space. The Cave gallery is located in the Russell Industrial complex, and old empty warehouse/factory building that was somehow auto-related in it’s heyday. It is now an up-and-coming space for artist studios, and has a great energy to it. The members of the Cave gallery have recently had collaborative shows with Cranbrook, and each group has exhibited in the other’s space.

Thanks again Andrew, and thanks to Dave Chow for the pics.
Andrew Davis.
My shoes...
getting too close...
Andrew Davis's piece.
Dave Chow's piece
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