Donald Kilpatrick
October 2008
New Piece from yesterday's Wall Street Journal.
I got the call earlier this week from our own Dave Bamundo at the Wall Street Journal to do a piece on Oregon Pinots.
I had a great time working on this piece, and as always, had a great time working with Dave.
I picked up the paper yesterday, and it was great to see it reproduced in full color opposite Clint Eastwood. Just a side note, when i told my family to look for this, they wanted to see the URL before picking up the paper. I haven't had that response before. I don't take the paper, not because i am trying to be concious of the enivronment, but because i will never catch up with all of the reading. Well, come to think of it, that is a lot of paper!
Anyways, thanks Dave, it was a pleasure as always!
Work in progress / On the easel.
A little something that i am working on at the moment.
What is on your easel/drafting table/desktop/etc.?
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