Donald Kilpatrick
June 2007
Saw a great film last night- Once. Not only was it a great film, but the soundtrack is amazing. A little Irish film set in Dublin. Go and see it, you'll thank me later...

The Once website.
3x3 Magazine's Animation call for entries.
Charles Hively, the publisher of 3x3, e-mailed me recently to let me know about the 3x3 animation show, and I thought that I would help him out in doing what I could to help promote it. Charles has done a lot for illustration, and produces an amazing magazine that deserves our support.

So....enter this show!!

Here is a brief write up from the 3x3 magazine website-

As a part of this year's Professional Show we're adding a new category covering the art of animation. Since this is our first competition we will be accepting work produced or published between January 2005 and June 2007.

 For complete details including the list of our panel of distinguished judges and entry forms click here.

The due date for this show is July 31st.
Three great book purchases.
I found three great books the other day at what is becoming one of my favorite bookstores. I was able to buy all three of them for fewer than twenty dollars! I bought a book on Paul Manship, another on Kathe Kollwitz (in German….), and Henri Cartier-Bresson, one of my favorite photographers.

Arthur Miller wrote a great Forward in the book on Bresson-

 “There was plenty of glitz in America in the sixties and seventies, yes and in the forties, the era of these pictures, but clearly Cartier-Bresson was trying to get behind it to the substance of American society. And since his is fundamentally a tragic vision he reacted most feelingly to what in America he saw as related to its decay, its pain. The very horizon is often oppressive, jagged with junked cars, the detritus of consumer culture, which after all is a culture of planned waste, engineered obsolescence. Whatever lasts is boring, what demands its own replacement energizes our imaginations. Reagan’s ‘It’s morning in America’ made it difficult, if not impermissible, to take a straight look at real life on this continent.”

A great composition, all done with an old Leica!
Paul Manship's "Diana".
A rough sketch of Manship's for "Diana".
Kathe Kollwitz
Kathe Kollwitz. She really knows how to abstract form. Less is more.
"The ascension of punk."
I am right in the middle of illustrating my first children’s book, and I took a few minutes away from painting my book to paint a couple of skateboard decks for an upcoming gallery show I will be part of at the end of the month in 555 gallery in Detroit (more information on this later…). This show is going to showcase a variety of artist’s paintings on skateboard decks. I didn’t want to forcefully “change gears” from the mode in which I am working for this children’s book, so I decided to place a character similar to the one from the story on the board.

When I was a teenager, I loved the Powell Peralta skateboards. I owned a Tommy Guerrero board, a gift from my dad that was stolen not too long after he bought it for me. My dad took me to the sporting goods store to buy me a baseball mitt, but he caved into the pressure I put on him to buy me a skateboard. I tried to ride ramp, but I was only good at street style on my board. I could ollie at one point. I tried to ollie on my friend’s skateboard recently and nearly killed myself.

One of my good friends growing up, Erik DeWaal, had an ALVA skateboard that I always coveted, and my other friend, Simon Blundell, had a HOSOI skateboard that I wanted as well.

I went to my local skate shop the other day and was pleased to see that Powell Peralta is re-releasing their “classic” skate decks again. They are true to the old skateboards; they don’t have the tail on both ends of the board.

I wish that I would have painted on blank skateboard decks when I was a teenager…I just didn’t have the $$$.
Here is a close up of the board. Sorry, my digital camera doesn't shoot so well...
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