Donald Kilpatrick
February 2007
My most recent...
For AOPA magazine. "Travelling the Blues Highway".
It has been a busy time for me this past month or so. It has been a bit of an adjustment coming from California to Michigan, but it hasn't been difficult. It makes it easier when you have work, and when people are welcoming.

Here is some of what I have been up to this past while...

I want to thank those of you who take the time to stop by and comment. I hope to hang with you all when I head out to New York at the end of March for the SI sequential and uncommissioned opening.
The history of the minimum wage. Done for the National Urban League's magazine.
Another illo for Mortgage Banking magazine.
Lucha Libre!
A lil' experiment...
I am fascinated by Lucha Libre. I can't say that i know much about it, but i love it nonetheless. My only encounter with it is when i had the Conan O'Brien show on one night while finishing up a job. He had a band on that wore Lucha Libre masks. They were cool, and it was nice to have it going on while finishing up my job that was due the next day.

Here are a couple Lucha sites that I found interesting- - A place to buy cool Lucha Libre horror film posters, etc... - The band that i think I saw on Conan O'Brien...I was half awake...

I ask this question- What is Lucha Libre all about?

Do the Gocco-A-Go-Go!
It’s not a dance, but a little Japanese self silk-screening machine that I demonstrated for my students yesterday (I did a lil’ dance for them while I exposed the screens…how lewd!). I love taking the screens that the Gocco exposes, and hand-pull prints. A lot of accidental fun in ones’ work can happen with a silk screen.  I was having so much fun that I ended up creating two screens rather than just the one that I had originally planned on demonstrating.

The first was created from a drawing that I have had in my head for some time now, and the other was created from a portrait of my daughter that I took some months ago using my friend J.P.’s Canon 35mm digital SLR.

I wanted to show my students that these little silk screens have a tight enough mesh to handle subtle photography. As it turns out one of the prints appears to have a veil going across her face. A total mistake, but it reminded me of an exhibit of late 19th- early 20th century paranormal photography that I saw at the Met about a year ago.

The Gocco was intended for crafts time, and has its limitations. I love it because of the randomness of its’ output. It reminds me of a couple of quotes-

“Complete control can be the death of a work…”  - Andy Goldsworthy

“Ken and Barbie will never replace voodoo.”   - Phil Hayes
The unaltered photo.
The first hand-pulled print from the photo. I might take and paint over this like i have with monoprints...
A somewhat saturated print that gives me an overall texture to work with....
Just messing around with the prints in Photoshop. I am not done with this experimental piece yet. More to come...
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