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These are a couple of illustrations that i recently finished for a college alumni magazine. I had a great time working with them again, and it was nice to finally get some serious studio time after all of the end of the school year repsonsibilities i have at the college. In addition to doing these illustrations, i have really enjoyed the time i have had in the studio and the kids these past few weeks. I finally have the time to print on my letterpress, unlike last fall when i had all intentions of printing but forgot how little time i actually had outside of my normal routine. I have all the supplies ordered and will print some limited color, 4x6 postcards in the next couple of weeks when the plates, paper, and ink gets here. I will post more on that later...

These were for an article on political corruption and campaign contributions.

"...corruption in politics is as American as apple pie..."
Spending time with "Little Toast" (the nickname my older son gave the baby...) has been the real highlight for me so far this summer.

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