Donald Kilpatrick
The Paul McCobb dining chair.
Five years ago I bought a set of four Paul McCobb dining chairs from a used furniture store. I was just spending a saturday looking around for a dining table, and I stumbled on these design masterpieces. They were in the corner of the shop covered in grease. They looked as though someone had dipped them in a deep-fat fryer.

It took some steel wool, varnish remover, a little elbow grease, and tung oil to clean these up. The end result is an amazing set of chairs.

I have tried to dig up information on Paul McCobb, but no luck so far. I did, however, notice a Paul McCobb chair in a display at GAP's headquarters in San Francisco, and it is also featured in their new ad campaign.

There are few pieces of furniture we plan on taking with us in our move, in fact, these chairs will probably be the only pieces we take with us...

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