Donald Kilpatrick
The Beautiful Lake (Lac La Belle) animated illustration

This is an illustration that came out of a demonstration that i did for my students this past week. I used a sketch that wasn't chosen by a client, and demonstrated a technique in Photoshop, then was liking it enough to have more fun and finish it as it's own piece.
Then i thought it would be good to overcome my issues with motion software and set it in motion. I wish that i could figure out how to reduce the file size for animated gifs, and if i could figure this out, i would use that.
Until then, i have it uploaded via YouTube. i hope it is decent enough for viewing. A big thanks is in order to my student, Ray Domzalski, for helping me with the finer points of AE. I still have a ways to go with it...
Click HERE for a better quality than YouTube clip of this animated illustration. Hopefully it works!

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